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WhiteCanyon Software has provided data security software since 1998. WipeDrive Enterprise, their flagship product, securely erases hard drives, SSDs, NVMe and mobile devices. The wipe procedure is Common Criteria certified to ensure proper data eradication and an audit report is provided for each sanitized drive.  The WipeDrive audit report can be used for internal asset management reports and ERP systems.


Large global organizations have discovered that WipeDrive can be pre-configured for uniform distribution throughout their organizations. This pre-configuration of settings ensures that all departments implement the correct erasure pattern, all reports are identical and an additional 32 settings can be set by management to meet their internal Data Security Policy requirements.


WhiteCanyon Software also provides SecureClean for file and folder level erasure in Windows and SystemSaver for Windows User data clearing. For more information on data sanitization tools, contact the WipeDrive Sales Team at 1 (800) 920-8162.


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