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SSES helps clients achieve cost savings, flexibility, and optimized programs associated with back office supplier relationships.  We leverage our long-term relationships with the world’s largest vendors in financial services, IT, and telecom to ensure our clients have the most efficient and cost-effective contracts in place.  We leverage to ensure our clients have fully optimized  the programs associated with managing these supplier services and products.


SSES provides clients with assessment of spend categories, direct advice on specific projects, unique sourcing approaches for demanding supplier relationships, leadership of large-scale program transformations, leadership of major transactions/negotiations/contracts, assessment and optimization advice on supplier service / product management programs.


Our services include: Assessment of Supplier Components, Research and Validation of Benchmarks, Development of Strategy Supporting LOB(s), Execution and Outcome.


SSES delivers P&L savings and outcome excellence customized to each client’s unique circumstances and culture.


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