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Perpetuum Mobile, based in Zagreb, Croatia has 25+ years’ experience in supplying enterprise customers with licensing and SAM (software asset management) solutions. During this time we have been working closely with established software vendors such as Microsoft, Symantec, Oracle, OpenText, Adobe and others to help customers define the best approach to acquiring and managing software licensing assets. Since 2011. Perpetuum Mobile has joined IAITAM as one of the few companies in our region (Southeast Europe) with the IAITAM Provider status. Our team of SAM consultants works closely with customer specialists, usually in the finance and IT departments, to help organizations during entire software lifecycle, from procurement to decommission and to make sure that throughout the whole process they remain properly licensed while avoiding overlicensing and poor asset management.


Aside from SAM, Perpetuum Mobile also offers a full range of solutions in the areas of e-commerce, web content management and business process management based on the Magento, Drupal and Microsoft SharePoint platforms.


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